Monk House Design


Tuesday April 22 2014


Released last year by Perimeter Editions, Moved Objects is the visual record of the collaboration between Melbourne artists Georgia Hutchinson and Arini Byng. The book charts the duo's investigation of 'material juxtaposition, sculptural choreography and the photographic still life.' 

After meeting the duo started playing in the studio, sharing words and ideas. This conversation soon resulted in a collaborative effort, including exhibitions in Australia and abroad, and the publication of Moved Objects. Inspired by ‘material communication’, Hutchinson and Byng have gone on to create a succession of works spaning across photographic, curatorial and sculptural realms.  

The book is visually stunning. Reflexive of their combined practices, their images are an interesting conversation between artist and surrounds, creating visual metaphors from lived experience and observation. By marrying together everyday objects they create imagery that it strangely surreal yet undeniably beautiful.

Read more about the collaboration here, or purchase your copy via our online store.


Monday April 14 2014

Our favourite platforms just got better! We've collaborated with Melbourne based label Kuwaii to create an exclusive Monk House Design Cicada colour way!

Over the years the Cicada has become a firm favourite among the MHD shopgirls and customers alike. We are super excited to have been able to collaborate with Kuwaii to create a special Monk House exclusive. 

We've reworked the cult sandal combining soft black suede, grey, pink and silver leathers to create a super special Cicada that you won't wanna take off.

We love them and we hope you do too! But we careful, we only have limited numbers of these babies. Come check them out in-store or online


Tuesday April 08 2014

We’ve been a fan of Seb Brown for a number of years now and we were pretty happy to have him back. After a brief hiatus, during which he travelled throughout Asia and Europe, Seb is back in town and he's adorned our shop with colourful paper shapes and a bunch of beautiful new stock.  

Seb's approach to creating is one that is guided by his experience of the everyday; of travel, conversation, and patterns that evolve organically from environments, wherever they may be - "I'm constantly being influenced by everything all the time. Snippets of conversations, poles leaning against walls, piles of rubbish, smooth bumper bars, the tension and lightness of two shapes or textures accidentally interacting with each other."

Drawing from his lived experience Seb creates pieces that are innately unique. Each piece is both inspired and influenced by the environment in which it is created. This means each piece evolves organically, as if in nature. 

We see pieces with hand-cast resin crystals in vivid pinks and greens, Japanese glass beads, silk thread and sterling silver. Familiar yet special, we're very happy that Seb has returned and you will be too! 

Find out more here


Friday March 28 2014

In this ‘crazy’ fashion world it's hard to find our own sense of identity. We're easily dazzled by the thrilling colours, fabrics and patterns of a labels new collection but we don't stop and think about how they really came about or what significance they really hold. We strive to make meaning from coats, and pants and socks, but do we know what's really going on? 

The team behind Melbourne label Verner do. They create clothes that have something to say, and their latest collection, White Wash, is no different. Inspired by the use of kitsch iconography the range uses subtle visual indicators to allude not only to the current universality of street wear culture, but more symbolically to Australian history. 

The collection references ‘white washing’. Interpreting this phrase Verner speaks of “the use of paint, lime and chalk as a cheap coating used to give a clean uniform appearance.” She also speaks of the idea of white wash as “a metaphor for glossing over or the covering up vices, crimes or scandals.”

And while Verner makes some very important commentary, it’s interesting to notice the designers continuous commitment to delivering dynamic street wear and this is undeniably reflected in this super cool, super unique collection.

Playing with classic designs Verner is able to re-invigorate and re-imagine classic pieces as ubiquitous as the track suit and take them straight from the footpath to the dance floor.

Influenced by the “softness” found in children’s wear we see cropped jumpers in soft cottons, t-shirts that evolve into skirts and back, long pullover dresses and puffy jackets that you’ll never want to take off. 

Come check out the White Wash collection in-store now, or have a look at it here


Wednesday March 19 2014