Monk House Design


Thursday December 11 2014

Designed and made in Melbourne, Gus is the brainchild of Augusta Richardson a local textile designer whose pieces are built around ideas of abstraction, timelessness and simplicity.

Inspired by painter David Hockney’s famous musings on art making, her work is vested in creating ‘new ways of seeing, new ways of feeling’.

Reevaluating pattern, her influences are wide ranging. Making moves away from tradition toward the new, Gus is all about re-interpretation. Her inspection of irregularity in pattern and 1980s street wear manifests itself throughout her work, and can be seen in the colourful patterning.

The current range ‘Carry You’ is based around notions of meaning. Gus acknowledges that we place special significance on scarves, carrying pieces through life they remain ready, rediscovered and reinterpreted at different moments.

There’s a real consciousness behind Gus, things are kept local, with scarves made in Melbourne and digitally printed in Sydney. Even minor details aren’t left unresolved, with a keen sense of awareness swing tags are printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

Solid lines contrast vivid pastels, forming combinations that have us swooning. The perfect addition to any wardrobe, these are pieces that are sure to stay! Shop the range in-store or online now.


Tuesday December 09 2014

There's something effortless about Seb Brown's jewellery... Drawing from his experience of the everyday, his pieces are testament to his lived reality. Inspired by textures, angles, rocks, dust, his jewellery reflects a consciousness of experience, routine and normality. 

After recently returning from a stint abroad Seb has started to work precious stones and metals into his practise. Amongst the crowd you'll find tiny gems, small pearls and engraved messages adorning rings, necklaces and earrings. Amalgamating these special elements with his traditional techniques his work is full of fresh vibes. While you’ll still find raw, hand cast sterling silver bands, beads and neon resin, his most recent pieces have a real maturity about them that has us smitten. 

We've just received a fresh drop of Seb's latest and greatest, so come have a play. We can’t get enough!! The full range is available in-store, plus select styles now up on our online store



Monday December 01 2014

We almost can’t believe it’s that time of the year again, but don’t fret this silly season we’ve got you covered here at MHD.

Gifts are made for giving and it’s easy to spread the love this Christmas when we’ve done all the work for you! Bringing together a bunch of our favourite things, we present our annual gift guide.

We’ve handpicked a few of our favourite things and promise you're bound to find that special something for your mum/sister/bestie/boss/secret Santa... Hell, even something special just for you!




(clockwise from left) Miniscapes - Medium Bulb Terrarium, $120.00; Shiko - Beaker, $22.00; Two Hills - Visions Cuff, $139.00; Witu - Wave Clutch, $200.00; Base Range - Soft Bra, $73.00; Surface to Air - Caprice Sunglasses, $220.00; Kuwaii - Esperance Flat Sandal, $325.00. 

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Emma Collard - Cluster Vase, $55.00; Witu - Mini Duffle Bag, $190.00; Kuwaii - Ellis Slide, $237.00; Surface to Air - Leontyne Sunglasses, $220.00; Seb Brown - Coral Double Necklace, $95.00; Nylons - Emily Hoops, $179.00; Pageant - Cutie Pie Polo Top, $154.00. 

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Shiko - Milk Jug, $20.00; Monk House Design - Oil Blend, $45.00; Shiko - Oil Burner, $40.00; PAM - Square Toed Darby, $557.00; Seb Brown - Assorted Rings, $160-190.00; Melanie Rice - Hoop Earrings, $110.00; Kloke - Decoy Top, $179.00.  

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Shiko - Small White Plate, $36.00; Rouda - Shadow Hands Bucket Hat, $110.00; Shiko - Beaker, $22.00/each; RITTLE - Standing Cat, $270.00; Two Hills - Visions Drop Earring, $199.00; Rouda - Shadow Hands Tee, $270.00; Surface to Air - Sadko Sunglasses, $220.00; Melanie Rice - Wide Bangle, $165.00; Elise Sheehan - Line/Circle Earrings, $119.00. 

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Witu - Habitat Backpack, $140.00; Per-Tim - Utility Blanket Towel, $140.00; Emma Collard - Cluster Vases, $55.00/each; Kuwaii - Ellis Slide, $237.00; Soot - Flower Drop Earrings, $139.00; Melanie Rice - Thin Bangle, $110.00; Surface to Air - Leontyne Sunglasses, $220.00; Kuwaii - Bikini Bottom, $145.00. 

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Photos & Art Direction: Elise Wilken



Tuesday November 25 2014

With their first collection aptly named ‘Sweet Beginnings’ Building Two is kinda like candy; once you have a taste you gonna want some more...

We’ve been totally smitten for a while now and are pretty excited to announce their jewels have officially entered the building! Arriving in a flurry of pearls, semi-precious stones and sterling silver, you’re hearts set to skip a beat.

Building Two is Bella Clark and Kieran Jackson a creative young duo making jewellery right here in Melbourne! They’re ticking a lot of boxes and we’re totally digging their ‘cute yet sassy’ aesthetic.

Putting a sweet modern spin on old favourites you’ll see hoops, studs and rings cut into hearts, embellished with colourful semi-precious stones or pearls.

Come have a taste, in-store now & Online now!


Tuesday November 18 2014

This week we welcome Rittle to the mix, a Melbourne-based label created by all-round cool cat Ellie King.

An entrepreneur at heart, doing and making has always been a passion of Ellie’s. After selling her successful city-based cafe last year she’s moved on to turn her pastime into career, recently going on to launch a homewares website Pieces 4 Places and debuting her range of handmade objects including those currently hanging out with us here at MHD.

Sitting somewhere between decorative art, plush toy and sculpture, the happy, grinning cats are all lovingly handmade and meticulously hand embroidered by Ellie. 

We’ve been hanging out with the cats for a few days now and can’t help but notice their individual character and charm… At once absurd, and yet strikingly familiar, the cats have certainly crept their way into our hearts and we bet they’ll make it into yours too!

We’ll be playing host to Ellie’s amazing installation for the next few weeks and keeping busy with the cats right through Christmas and beyond! Come meet them in-store today or read our interview with Ellie here