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Hailing from Canberra, we are so happy to welcome Hunter to the Monk House family. 

The brand launched in 2014 by Sara Wurcher, who's sole focus has always been to product clothing with these key ideals in mind, quality & wearability. Where each garment embodies a subtle 'elegance and grace', as does the person carrying it. 

Each piece is created to be worn, loved, and to be a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Hunter's AW17 collection, features vintage styled silhouettes and details such as patch pockets, drawstrings and gathered victorianesque sleeves. We see these details in garments like the Evie blouse where there is a mix of structure and flow in the lightly sheer cotton top and also in the evolution of the drawstring tee, where something so simple can become a draped masterpiece.

Pop by and check out the collection or peruse online.

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